What is the Envirochip, Envirocover and Enviroglobe? What do they do?

The Envirochip is a radiation protection chip, to be fixed on your wireless devices – like your mobile phone, computer, laptop, tablet, Wi-Fi Router, baby monitor and smart TV.

The Envirocover is embedded with the Envirochip and has the same effect.

The Enviroglobe is a radiation protection device that can be used in living and working spaces to protect an area of 300 sq. ft. from the ill effects of radiation emanating from sources which you cant control – like mobile transmission towers, high tension lines, server rooms, electronic gadgets and other Wi-Fi devices in their vicinity.

All three products neutralise the harmful effects to you, of the electromagnetic radiation (EMR) emanating from these devices or sources.

Why is electromagnetic radiation (EMR) dangerous for my health?

The human body radiates ‘random’ waves. Whereas the nature of waves emanating from wireless devices is ‘constant. Whenever any ‘constant’ wave comes in contact with the human body’s ‘random’ waves, the human body perceives it as a threat and tries to fight it, just like when a harmful bacteria or virus attacks the body. Being in this constant “fight” mode creates additional stress on the body, leading to lower immunity thus making you susceptible to a variety of health issues like poor sleep quality, excessive fatigue, headaches to brain tumours and cancer in extreme cases.

How do the Envirochip, Envirocover or Enviroglobe protect me?

The patented products are made up of intert materials which emanate ‘random’ waves and operate at a much higher frequency than the EMR from wireless devices. As a result, they change the ‘constant’ waves of radiation from your device into ‘random’ waves, which are compatible with the human body, rendering the radiation harmless.

These solutions allows you to lead a healthier life, without compromising on the use of technology.

What is the SAR of my phone? If it is as per the norms then why is it still harmful?

SAR refers to the Specific Absorption Rate which only measures the thermal (heating) effects of wireless radiation. It does not take into account the non-thermal and the health impact on the human body, of prolonged exposure to radiation.

The SAR was based on a model of the human head taken from a military recruit at the top 10% in height and weight, at the prime of health, which does not take into account smaller adults and children who are exposed to radiations on a daily basis.

Innumerable scientists have also stated that SAR is an inadequate metric of measurement because of the following:

SAR is a measure of the maximum amount of microwave radiation absorbed by a test dummy, not the amount of microwave radiation emitted by a wireless device.

Also, the SAR is a measure of maximum power emitted under one frequency. Most smartphones today use several different frequencies in a single call, or with multiple uses of the phone taking place simultaneously.

The SAR is measured with the phone held 30 cm away from the head and for max. 6 minutes per hour. The human body is unaffected by this absorption only if used as per the SAR norms.

Whereas in reality, almost all users hold the phone against their ear while talking and use it for much longer periods than 6 minutes per hour during the day.

Therefore even though our mobile phone is in the range of SAR, it is still harmful based on our usage.

Are there similar products in the market anywhere in the world? If yes, what is the USP of the Environics products and how is it superior to other competing products?

Presently, to the best of Environics understanding, there is no other product in the market which claims to change the nature of radiation to make it harmless for the human body, like the Envirochip, Envirocover or Enviroglobe.

There are a few products which they have come across that claim to be ‘anti-radiation chips’ or ‘shields / patches’.It is noted that neither have they been tested as per any established medical or scientific protocol by credible agencies nor have any studies been published to prove the positive effects on human health, like Environics have.

Also, they have found that a few of the anti-radiation chips reduced the strength of Electromagnetic Field (EMF) for a few seconds (8-10 seconds) only, and after that the EMF value came back to its original value.

In principle, they reduce the intensity of radiation by a certain percentage for a while which also results in a reduction in signal strength, which is undesirable as it will affect performance of the device.

Therefore, none of the competing products were found to be effective. Whereas theEnvirochip has been tested at DB Technology Labs, Cambridge, UK and proven to have no effect on signal quality.

What tests and certifications have the solutions got?

R&D is the cornerstone of the Environics suite of solutions. Please see the extensive section in the footer called ‘Tests & Certifications’ for full details.

What is the life of the Envirochip, Envirocover and Enviroglobe?

If the chip is not removed, the Envirochip will continue to work on the device on which it is meant for and fixed on (Mobile Phone, Computer, etc). If the Chip is taken off and put back on 2-3 times on any existing / new device, then normal rules of wear and tear apply. The adhesive under the Chip may wear off and may not stick too well to the external surface of the device. Therefore, we recommend that if a device is being changed, then the Envirochip should also be changed.

As the Envirochip is embedded in the Envirocover, the Envirocover will last for as long as it is on the mobile phone device.

The Enviroglobe has been designed to last for a minimum of 5 years, keeping in mind regular wear and tear, and by not exposing it to rain, snow and other similar weather conditions.