The Solution

Small chip. big benefits.

The Envirochip is a patented technology, made of natural materials which neutralise the harmful effects of radiation from your wifi devices.

It has been tested medically and scientifically in institutions in India and internationally. For example, one such study showed a 5% reduction in pulse rate/stress levels, which is medically significant.

Less stress means better immunity and better disease resistance. It has been tested in the UK to show the Envirochip does not affect your signal strength.

CE certified and used by more than 4 million customers worldwide, protect yourself and your loved ones with the Envirochip.


Purifies electromagnetic radiations emitted from personal devices and prevents any negative impact on individuals. This patented technology uses a combination of invert materials, to generate 'random' waveforms that neutralise that 'constant' radiation from wireless devices, making it compatible with the human body. The envirochip works on all models of mobile phones, ipads, laptops, desktops, routers and baby monitors.


The enviroglobe protects you within an area of 300sq ft from all types of electrosmog, including server rooms and mobile towers. It can also be your travel companion. Place the enviroglobe at home or in the office to make that area rediation purified. Recharge for 15 minutes once a week in sunlight or at least 2 ft away if charging from an artificial light


Protect yourself, not just your smart phone. This is a unique mobile phone cover powered by the envirochip radiation protection technology. The envirocover not only protects the mobile devices from any potential damage, but more importantly, also protects the health of the user from the ill effects of prolonged exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation. Currently available for the iPhone X.

Our message is clear.

Levels of radiation have increased more than 100x in the last 15 years and will further increase dramatically with 5G, without prior sufficient testing into how it impacts human (or other life forms) health over the long term.

Let’s not wait to take action until it’s too late. Do the following:

  • Keep the phone away from your body at all times;
  • Use a wired headset when talking;
  • Try your best to minimise device usage by children under the ages of 13;
  • Download their content and put the device offline where possible;
  • Turn the phone on airplane mode when you sleep and keep it away from your head.

LFE Global brings you, parents, employers, educators, business owners and health care providers a solution that reduces the health risks of wireless gadgets without compromising their use.