The Science

Environics technology is built upon the principle of energy frequencies. The earth and all living beings have an intrinsic life force energy. It has been found that the EMF from wireless tech has unpolarised particles, which cause cell and tissue damage. If they can be re-patterned to form a coherent field, the damage can be prevented. Their waves forms are constant in nature, which are radically different from human beings random wave forms.

By superimposing finer and subtler higher frequency random waves, Environics solutions re-pattern the constant flow of the EMF waves without compromising or destroying the information carried by them to make devices work.

The Envirochip and Enviroglobe are EMF harmonizers. The correct positioning and placement of these chips on the device has been found to completely neutralize the biological damage caused by EMF and Wi-Fi. Measurements of Heart Rate, fatigue, EEG of the Brain and other extensive tests under scientific and medical protocol have confirmed this.