• The envirocover is the only cover in the market embedded with the envirochip radiation protection technology.
  • It is a fully integrated radiation protection technology with proven health benefits as certified by leading institutes.
  • The envirocover is CE certified and does not compromise the signal strength of your device – as certified by DB Technology Lab, Cambridge, U.K.
  • A part from protecting your health, this cover is created with precision cut to ensure a perfect fit, giving you greater handling confidence. It sits-in perfectly over microphones, buttons, speaker, audio jack, camera and health sensors.
  • Anti-Scratch & shock resistant for upgraded protection of your phone.
  • Engineered material treated with anti-yellowing technology to ensure durability.
  • Compatible with full coverage tempered glass and apart from black, also available in vibrant colours of pink, blue, purple and red.

Tested and Certified by:

DB Technology Lab, Cambridge UK
MAX Healthcare, India

Results published in:

Journal of Biomedical Science and Engineering, USA
MIT’s Technology Review